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Why a Low C-section Rate Matters

The numbers are in and North Fulton Hospital has the lowest c-section rate in Georgia at 11.7%, well below the state average of 23.9%! Released by the Leapfrog Group, the standardized rate list compares hospitals across the country choosing to respond. Nile Obgyn in Alpharetta/Roswell and Johns Creek is proud to be the largest practice delivering at the hospital.

So why does the C-section rate matter? According to the Centers for Disease Control, the rate of women who gave birth via cesarean section in the US was 32.7% in 2013. That’s nearly one in three births. And while medically necessary C-sections can save lives, the rate suggests other reasons the procedure is performed in our nation’s hospitals.

Experts find current rates alarming, and are working to educate women on the risks associated with unnecessary C-sections.

To help, the Leapfrog Group is building the most comprehensive source of C-section data available. Thanks to a partnership with Childbirth Connection, Leapfrog has a special website dedicated to helping women and their families understand hospital C-section results, learn about the risks and benefits of C-sections, and ultimately make more informed choices.

Hospitals with lower C-section rates may be more likely to support appropriate labor techniques, thus reducing the chances of having an unnecessary C-section. This can benefit both mom and baby immediately and in the years to come.

At Nile Women’s Health Care (, we are committed to supporting you through labor and delivery with open communication and patient education. We are proud to partner with North Fulton Hospital in providing quality care for our patients.

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