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Diabetes In Pregnancy Specialist

Nile Women's Health Care

OBGYNs & Certified Midwives located in Roswell, GA & Johns Creek, GA

It is estimated that close to 10% of women will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The dedicated women’s health providers at Nile Women’s Health Care understand that diabetes brings unique concerns and worries to your pregnancy. They’re here to help you and your developing baby at every stage of your pregnancy. Learn how you can stay healthy when dealing with diabetes in pregnancy by calling either of the two offices in Roswell and Suwanee, Georgia, or schedule an appointment online today.

Diabetes In Pregnancy Q & A

What is diabetes in pregnancy?

If you have diabetes, you have additional health worries during pregnancy. Some women have type 1 or type 2 diabetes before pregnancy. Others develop gestational diabetes — diabetes that develops for the first time during their pregnancy.

Regardless of the form of diabetes, you need special care for diabetes in pregnancy. The Nile Women’s Health Care providers offer personalized treatment to guide you through a healthy pregnancy with diabetes.

What are the effects of diabetes in pregnancy? 

Diabetes affects both you and your growing baby. When you have high blood sugar, it can cause: 

  • Brain, spine, heart, or other congenital disabilities
  • Higher risk of preterm birth
  • Too-high birth weight
  • Higher risk of Cesarean section (C-section) 
  • Increased risk of preeclampsia, including high blood pressure 

These problems are severe, but you can maintain optimal health and avoid such outcomes if you get the proper support.

What kind of care do I need for diabetes in pregnancy?

If you have diabetes, speak to your Nile Women's Health Care provider about planning a healthy pregnancy ahead of time. They can help you stabilize your health before you get pregnant and then help you maintain excellent health as your baby develops. 

If you develop gestational diabetes or have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you'll need special care throughout your pregnancy. This care includes:

Frequent doctor visits

When you have diabetes in pregnancy, you'll see your OB/GYN more often than you would otherwise. The exact schedule depends on your personal situation. Still, many women see the doctor every two weeks in early and mid-pregnancy and weekly in the latter part of pregnancy.

Special eating plan

Managing your blood sugar is more important than ever during your pregnancy. This starts with eating healthy foods, limiting carbohydrates, and portioning your food carefully.


Many forms of exercise are safe during pregnancy, and in fact, moderate-intensity activity is an excellent way to help maintain your blood sugar.  


You may need to take oral medication, such as glyburide or metformin, to help you maintain your blood sugar during pregnancy, or you may need injectable insulin. 

Monitoring your blood sugar is an integral part of your diabetes care during pregnancy. This includes self-monitoring at home and quickly responding to dangerous blood sugar changes.

Nile Women's Health Care offers compassionate, personalized diabetes care during pregnancy. Start your healthy pregnancy with diabetes by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.