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Preconception Counseling Specialist

Nile Women's Health Care

OBGYNs & Certified Midwives located in Roswell, GA & Johns Creek, GA

Preconception counseling helps couples who desperately want to conceive but have concerns about potential fetal abnormalities or pregnancy loss. At Nile Women's Health Care in Roswell and Suwanee, Georgia, the experienced team of OB/GYN offers preconception counseling to help you understand how to prepare for pregnancy, what screenings are available, and what prenatal care will entail. Call to set up your preconception counseling appointment or schedule online today.

Preconception Counseling Q & A

Why should I seek preconception counseling?

Preconception counseling helps you physically and emotionally prepare for pregnancy. It can put your mind at ease if you’re worried about you or your baby developing certain conditions during gestation or delivery.

During preconception counseling, your provider from Nile Women’s Health Care reviews you and your partner’s personal and family medical histories. They also look at your lifestyle to identify any possible issues regarding conceiving, carrying a child, or delivering.

Your preconception counseling session covers questions about your prenatal and postnatal health. It’s a time to ask questions about possible issues that could arise during pregnancy, especially if you’re at high-risk for complications.

What topics will the doctor discuss during preconception counseling?

Preconception counseling is most beneficial to you if you share information with your doctor that includes:

  • Your reproductive history and prior pregnancies
  • Current medications you or your partner are taking
  • Both partner’s medical and surgical histories
  • Both partner’s sexual history
  • Family health history, especially when it comes to pregnancy
  • Home and work environment, including toxin exposure 
  • Lifestyle factors, such as substance use

Preconception counseling includes a discussion of potential tests and screening options to help ease your mind as your pregnancy progresses.

What tests are included as part of preconception counseling?

Your doctor may recommend initial blood tests to screen for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, and rubella. Women who are trying to get pregnant may also undergo a pelvic exam to check their reproductive organs. 

Some couples may choose to undergo genetic counseling before getting pregnant. You may consider genetic screenings if you or your partner have a family history of a genetic condition, like Tay-Sachs or certain congenital disabilities.

When should I schedule preconception counseling?

Schedule your preconception counseling at least three months before you’re ready to start trying for pregnancy. This gives you time to undergo appropriate screenings and make changes to your lifestyle, if necessary. It also allows a woman to fully prepare her body to carry a child.

When you’re ready to add to your family, call Nile Women’s Health Care to schedule a preconception counseling appointment or book online today.