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The OR of the future might actually be your doctor’s office!

As the new face of health care continues to evolve, several medical institutes and hospitals have begun to notice a significant shift in where many patients are electing to have their medical procedures performed. It is reported that the number of office-based procedures has grown from 5 to 10 million over the last 10 years. The main reasons are simple; cost and convenience.

Choosing to have a minimally invasive procedure completed in a licensed medical office affords a patient more flexible scheduling. They also benefit from:
• No hospital deductible
• No general anesthesia (in most cases)
• No incision or burning
• Lower cost to patient with in-office based co-pays
• Very little recovery time; often times they are back to normal activities in the same day

There are several specialties that are appropriate for office-based procedures. Gynecology, being one of the most popular, offers patients a variety of alternatives to common problems. For instance, women who suffer from heavy menstruation cycles, abnormal pap smears, or are seeking permanent birth control can now choose to receive treatment in-office versus checking into the local hospital.

As the recognition of in-office procedures has grown, more and more doctors are offering the service to their patients. As you begin to consider a procedure, there are several items you should research including but not limited to:
• Is this procedure of the type that is routinely performed in an office setting?
• How many procedures of this type has the physician performed?
• What is the physician’s specialty training for this exact procedure?
• What are the post procedure signs and symptoms that should be expected?

While there are multiple factors to consider before deciding to have any procedure, the cost and convenience benefits of minimally invasive surgery completed in-office far outweigh any hypothetical risk. Before signing up for a day at the hospital explore other options with a physician.

Dr. Hughan Frederick, Medical Director of NILE OB/GYN, has performed numerous in-office gynecological procedures. With practices in Alpharetta and Johns Creek, feel free to contact him if you have questions or need additional information. He can be reached at or 770.521.2229.

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