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Not All Midwives Are Created Equal

Finally getting pregnant can be exciting. Deciding to make that leap into motherhood is a huge step that women take very seriously. They ponder all sorts of topics:

While many women think these things through, very few consider the type of provider they should see and understand how their approaches to labor may vary. For instance, many people see an ob/gyn. You call the doctor you’ve been seeing since, well, you know, and make an appointment without giving it much thought. Turns out, there are so many options that may better fall in line with your grown-up lifestyle.

Let’s take a minute to give this part of the process a little more attention by asking a few questions:

Your answers to many of these questions will help you determine if you should reconsider your OBGYN choice.
One option is to stick with a traditional OB/GYN, a medical doctor trained in obstetrics and gynecology. They provide excellent prenatal care in the office as well as during the labor process whether you are having a vaginal birth or a c-section.

You could also consider using a certified midwife; a nurse who has completed an additional master’s degree in midwife services. Certified nurse midwives also provide stellar prenatal and delivery care but call a doctor if the need for a c-section arises.
Nile Women’s Health Care certified midwives in Roswell however, have a reputation for going above and beyond the normal level of customer service and attention. Nile midwives have been caring for moms for a combined 30 years and focus all their attention on their expectant families. They’re experts in traditional and natural labor childbirth, water births and VBACs.

Unlike others, Nile midwives allow you time to ask all your questions, offer several educational and support opportunities and truly believe the mom-to-be should be in charge of her own care.

Nile midwives are not only concerned with physical health but also with a woman’s emotional and spiritual health. They refer to other health and social service providers when necessary and co-manage care when needed. They maintain close relationships with other providers including Nile doctors, psychotherapists, homeopathic practitioners, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, acupuncturists, childbirth educators, nutritionists, doulas, hypnotherapists, lactation consultants, and others. When seeking all-encompassing, comprehensive OB/GYN care in Roswell, NILE OB/GYN & Midwife Services will meet and exceed expectations.

Schedule some time to talk to a Nile midwife today. You can ask questions about their approaches to labor, creating birth plans, doula recommendations, etc..It’s important to know you have options. Allow us to help!

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