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Laboring Moms Can Now Get Out Of Bed!

Wellstar North Fulton Hospital now has wireless fetal monitoring devices available.

This is exciting news for both soon-to-be and currently pregnant women in Alpharetta/Roswell, who plan to deliver with Nile Women’s Health Care.

Why? Because until now, electronic fetal monitoring forced many women to stay in bed.

Fetal heart rate monitoring is the process of checking the condition of your fetus during labor and delivery by monitoring your fetus’s heart rate with special equipment. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG), fetal heart rate monitoring may help detect changes in the normal heart rate pattern during labor. If certain changes are detected, steps can be taken to help treat the underlying problem. Fetal heart rate monitoring also can help prevent treatments that are not needed. A normal fetal heart rate can reassure both the mom and their Nile OBGYN, midwife or nurse that it is safe to continue labor if no other problems are present.

Sounds great, right?

It is. But electronic fetal monitoring uses special equipment to measure the response of the fetus’s heart rate to contractions of the uterus. It provides an ongoing record that is read by your Alpharetta OBGYN, Roswell midwife or nurse at set times. Electronic fetal monitoring can be external, internal, or both. Traditionally you would need to stay in bed since either of these monitors is plugged in to the wall.

I know what you’re thinking. For the sake of monitoring the health of the unborn baby, it is necessary. But for people like me, the thought of literally being tied to a hospital bed during labor was awful.

When I went epidural-free, the best method of pain management for me was to walk. Back then I had to agree that I would return every 20 minutes for monitoring. Now you can, stand, sit on a ball, go to the bathroom, take a shower or just move about your room without the hassle of wires and poles and arguments! Wireless fetal monitoring will give you more flexibility during labor and provide women who need continuous monitoring a lot more mobility.

Now, women have even more options for natural childbirth!

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