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It’s Time To Become More Hostile!

My modified process of gender selection isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I figured I’d do some research then have a little fun. Oops – this is way more complicated then I anticipated. Find out what we did this time around that had my husband exhausted!

In my last post I discussed Dr. Shettles method of picking your baby’s gender. It seemed simple, right? For a girl, I am going to pinpoint my ovulation and have sex everyday from the end of my period to at least three days prior to ovulation.

It’s totally easy.

Yeah right!!! Dr. Shettles forgot to add “real life” into that equation.

We have been running around like crazy. You guys already know, Hughan is BUSY! One night he got home until well after I’ve passed out – even though I tried to stay awake. One night, I was up until 1 am but had to leave as soon as he got home to help a friend in the hospital. Yet another night he had to spend the night at Emory Johns Creek hospital. Needless to say, we had to get creative (and quiet) in order to not miss the week entirely. The original plan was to stop three days before ovulation. But we didn’t really even see each other that day so I threw in a safety the following day – only two days before. Risky move, I know.

But in typical fashion, I’m not going to rely on just one method to get us to our desired outcome.

I am tripling up; Dr. Shettles method, an herbal diet and the Chinese lunar calendar.

So let’s talk the herbal diet.

The Research

According to science, the female environment naturally becomes less acidic during the ovulation process. This allows the sperm to gain easier access to the egg.

Now, remembering that the female sperm is heavier, people hypothesize that she is stronger. Taking that into account, Dr. Shettles suggests the female sperm is more likely to survive a more acidic environment then the male sperm. So one can assume, if you increase your body’s acidic level then you can give the female sperm an advantage.

It just sounds so ruthless! Let’s give it a shot.

How to make your environment more hostile to boys

It’s simple. Increase your calcium and magnesium intake. That is, consume more dairy such as milk, cheese, eggs and leafy green vegetables like lettuce, kale and spinach. I’ve seen canned meat as another suppliment.

Here’s my problem. This is my diet on a daily basis. How much extra do I need to eat? When will I get it all in?

There’s no real science to this so there are no real answers. Just elixirs. I found all sorts of stuff that claims to change your environment. Including Lydia Pinkham’s Tonic for Conceiving a Girl. But why not just keep it simple.

I found an easy answer – a calcium and magnesium vitamin. It has 600mg of calcium and 300mg of magnesium. I started taking the recommended daily dosage immediately. I can feel my insides becoming mean and nasty. No really, I think it might be tying me up. LOL!

Cycle 1:

LH Surge: I missed my LH surge because I stopped peeing on the stick too soon.

Ovulation: Day 16

Period: Day 25

Cycle 2:

LH Surge: Day 13

Ovulation: Day 15

Period: Day 25

Cycle 3:

LH Surge: Day 13 (last day for deposit)

Ovulation: Day 15

Period: Not known yet

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