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Have You Created A Birth Plan Yet?

Birth plans are an important piece of your overall birthing experience at Nile Women's Health Care.

Primarily used as a way to set expectations for your labor and delivery, birth plans are a great way to organize key information and think through various hospital scenarios. Many people stipulate the type of music played in the room or whether they want to skip the epidural, among other things. But let’s take a moment to really explore a better way to utilize the birth plan.

First, it will be helpful to list your due date, important names and phone numbers in case your partner, spouse, doula or other caretaker may need them. For instance, list the name and number of your doctor/midwife, the name and address of the hospital where you will be delivering and include contact information for anyone you would like to be contacted with updates. 

Next, decide what are the most important details to you and focus on those items.

Tips to keep in mind:
- Keep your plan short and concise. Time is of the essence so you want to make sure the key information is easy to find
 - List any complications that arose during pregnancy. Don’t spend time with detailing a healthy normal pregnancy
- List any pre-existing conditions you may have
- List any previous C-Sections and whether or not they were emergency surgeries

Here are several topics to consider, broken down by category. You should discuss each item with your partner. If something is important to you, include it in your plan. If it is not, don’t bother writing it down.

1. While in labor at the hospital

2. Which interventions are right for you?

3. Pain management and level of involvement options to consider

4. In the event of a planned or emergency C-section

5. After the baby is born

It helps if you and your partner research and discuss your wishes well in advance of your due date. Then talk through each item with your provider in the weeks leading up to your delivery day. Keep in mind, every situation is unique and fluid. Your Nile provider’s main goal is to keep you and your baby safe and therefore may suggest alternative options to a request if the need arises at any time.

If you need help or have questions on your birth plan, please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can call at (770) 521-2229 or DM on facebook/IG at nilewhc. Happy writing!

*Water birth requires a class taken at the hospital prior to the scheduled due date

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