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Gifts of Grace

I recently heard some great feedback from the midwives, Kim and Sherry, regarding the Atlanta Midwifery collaborative.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the name, Atlanta Midwifery is a group compiled of the midwives practicing at North Fulton Hospital. They see patients at different offices in the area but all share the same caring philosophy on pregnancy and labor. Realizing this, they decided to come together in order to provide even better care for their mothers; 24/7 midwife coverage, 24/7 water birth availability, and educational seminars monthly – all while improving their personal qualities of life.

“It’s fantastic,” Kim told me. She has been working with NILE Ob/gyn for several years now and at this point, I can tell when she’s serious. She said her and Sherry were truly happy to be working with the other ladies.

The hospital is excited. North Fulton Hospital has always been very supportive of their midwives but now they are approaching a new level. In the next couple of months, they will introduce their updated labor and deliver suite – complete with its own entrance and newly designed rooms. The intention is to make the wing more family-friendly and less like a traditional hospital. This helps mothers feel more comfortable during their natural labors.

Birthing Options at North Fulton Hospital Video

Other businesses have even gotten on board. You may start to notice other local businesses all over Atlanta proudly displaying the Atlanta Midwifery affiliate logo. It’s exciting to see the energy build for Atlanta Midwife.

If you want to learn more or talk to the family liaison, they can be reached through or 404.805.2059.

Learn more about Atlanta Water Birth Service on NileWHC

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