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Did The Progesterone Pill Get Me Pregnant?

In our quest to have a third baby, I went overboard with trying to have a girl. It’s been a much longer process then I had anticipated since my last two pregnancies came so quickly. Factor in age and trying to “rig the system” for nearly a year-long journey.

If you read the last post – I know you think I got pregnant as soon as I took the progesterone pill. As I thought that would be the solution to all my issues.

No. Nothing is ever that easy.

I took the progesterone pill two days after ovulation. On day 11 of my luteal phase, I started my period. That was a little disappointing.

Not only did the pill not cure all, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, I needed to skip two months before trying for a girl again. That seemed like it would be a very long wait.

And it was.

By the time my two months was over, I was over it. Honestly. It seemed like a lot of nonsense. I started to question everything – my body, my age, my God. Perhaps it wasn’t in His plan. I started to accept that and just go back to having fun with my husband versus having to time everything just right.

For Valentine’s Day I made big plans (but that’s way too much information). The only issue was that I was going to start my period at THE most unfortunate time so I decided to call on science.

I started taking the progesterone pills. “Just to buy myself a day or two,” I thought.

Turns out I bought myself more than that. Could it be?

I took a pregnancy test and it was one line, then a VERY faint second pink line appeared a minute later. I wasn’t sure what that meant. I asked Hughan and he said,

“I’m not sure. Maybe it means you’re a little pregnant.”

Very funny, Dr. Frederick.

A few days later, the line was a lot stronger. 20 weeks later there is no more “a little pregnant.”

Hughan is so excited!

Does this mean the progesterone actually worked? I’m not sure. There were so many things at play it’s hard to pinpoint what finally took. It may have just been the right time. Either way, now we’ve started the next phase:

Keep EVERYONE, including Hughan, including Kim, and including the office staff, in the dark as to the sex of the baby. We can’t go through all the trouble of trying to choose the sex of the baby then not leave everyone in suspense.

“We’ll all know soon enough.” I say. 

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