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Can I Use The Chinese Lunar Calendar As An Effective Method of Gender Selection?

It might be interesting to consider using the Chinese Lunar Calendar as an additional method of gender selection. How does it work? Can it work for me?

 I told my girlfriend that I wasn’t going to try to conceive this month. She, of course, asked why.

“Because according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, I would have a boy if I got pregnant in October.”

There was a pause on the phone. I knew it was coming.

“You are a complete nut job!” she laughed. “You are serious! Do you know how many eggs you’re wasting?”

Yes. I am serious.

Let’s take a look at the Chinese for a moment. Excuse me if I may be offensive but history says they were in the natural gender selection business for many generations. Boys reigned supreme whether they needed soldiers, farmers, etc… Why not adopt their ancient practice to try and have a girl?

The Chinese Calendar is based on lunar patterns; the new month begins on the darkest day of the new moon. It’s reportedly been around since sometime before Jesus came to earth. I have read that the gender selection chart was discovered in a royal tomb about 700 years ago by a Chinese scientist.

I know, I know it sounds ridiculous but it certainly couldn’t hurt anything to give it a try. Right?

How it works?

You can find several variations of the calendar on many sites all over the web. You are required to enter your age at the time of conception as well as the month you conceived. Based on this info, it will show you the gender of your baby.

Now, I have seen some people say it has a 50% accuracy rate – which would mean it doesn’t work at all. Others have said 80%. I entered in the info for each of my two children and sure enough it predicted both of them would be boys. That means in my household, it was shown to be 100% accurate.

Here is the problem – and you know there always is one.

Different calendars give you different results. I think the reason is because some require you to enter your “Chinese” age while others do that calculation for you. It’s hard to know, however, whether the chart you are using is taking any considerations into account.

After looking at several, I am leaning toward this one:

This site has a wealth of information about the history of the calendar and how it works. Some of the theory is opposite of what modern, western medicine feeds us.

How will I use the knowledge?

I plan to still use the Shettles method, but only try to conceive on months where the calendar says I would have a girl…It’s SO simple!!!

Clearly, I’m laughing.

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