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10 Ways For Moms-To-Be To Stay Hydrated This Summer

Having a summer pregnancy? Although we are halfway through the summer here in Georgia, the heat is just getting started. Nile Women’s Health Care would like to provide you pregnant moms-to-be with tips and tricks to keep you hydrated and safe in Atlanta as well as on vacation. These quick ideas will keep your body temperature cool, help with the reduction of swelling, and control water retention. Some of these habits are good to take advantage of during pregnancy and will beyond!

Below are 10 ways that you can take control of the heat during your summer pregnancy and not let it completely take control of you!

  1. Keep water with you at all times to consume through the day. (Please visit your doctor to determine how much consumption is needed, as it varies by weight).
  2. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women on average should drink up to 10 cups of fluids a day.
  3.  A healthy way to hydrate is to drink fluids that contain no calories, sugars, or caffeine.
  4. We understand that some individuals cannot stomach plain water! If you are one of these people, do not be afraid to add a splash of fruit, lemon, or lime to your water and give it some additional flavor.
  5. Pay attention to your body and take cool to lukewarm showers as needed if you feel overheated.
  6. recommends that if you have trouble remembering to drink water, drink on a schedule. For example, drink water when you wake up, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and when you go to bed. Or, drink a small glass of water at the beginning of each hour.
  7. Wear breathable clothing.
  8. Consume watermelon and cucumbers. This can assist in the reduction of swelling and water retention. (This is even good for post pregnancy!)
  9. According to the Natural Hydration Council  consider adding fruits and melons into your diet on a daily basis. In addition, vegetables, soups, and stews all contribute to water intake as well.
  10. Drink water frequently and BEFORE you get thirsty, especially if you are breastfeeding.

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