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Welcome Johns Creek Obgyn To The Nile Family

Perhaps you heard about her level of experience from Dr. Verleger? Maybe you heard someone in the office silently whispering how to pronounce her name?

Well, after an unforgettable summer where she married the man of her dreams and honeymooned in Egypt, Dr. Ijeoma Ibezue is ready to meet new people and make new friends. She is now officially seeing patients for Nile Women’s Health Care and we are so excited she chose to be our Johns Creek obgyn!

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Her name is pronounced, E-bay-z-way. Say it slowly with me. E-bay-z-way. If you’re the kind of person that needs some time, feel free to call her Dr. I. She’s familiar with the struggle.

Since she was a kid she knew being a doctor was in her future. Dr. I was always interested in women’s health and completed several internship programs before taking the final steps in that journey. She says the backbone in her path to becoming a doctor was her mother who graduated from nursing school within weeks of her daughter graduating from medical school.

Originally from Fairburn, GA, Dr. Ibezue is an Emory University grad with a medical degree from Ohio State University (settle down, Wolverines). She completed her residency as the Administrative Chief Resident in Charleston, West Virginia where her research included delayed cord blood clamping and cervical agenesis.

Dr. I has an energetic personality that makes you feel as if you’ve been friends for years. She takes special interest in high-risk pregnancies, diabetes and high-blood pressure related issues. Nile Women’s Health Care is proud to have another highly-skilled doctor on the team who also provides an extra level of support for our clients.

Dr. Ibezue is board eligible with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). While not at the hospital or office, Dr. I enjoys High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts everyday, traveling, spending time with her husband and her son. She volunteers with various organizations throughout the year including MedShare who delivers surplus medical equipment to developing countries.

Please join us in welcoming her to the family!

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